What kind of material for kitchen fronts

What kind of material for kitchen fronts

Wood, wood-based boards, glass, aluminum, composites – the selection of materials from which you can make fronts of kitchen cabinets is quite wide. What solution a customer chooses depends largely on the effect he or she would like to achieve.

Fronts of upper cabinets are one of the most decorative elements not only of furniture, but also of the whole kitchen. We can choose from many materials and colors, which can be perfectly matched to the style of the interior. What exactly? In addition to wood and boards, it is worth paying attention to glass and aluminum profiles. On the market we will find materials corresponding to all design trends.  From calm English and Provencal cuisines, through decorative, stylized, modestly minimalist, to modern industrial or lofty.

At the top of the list of “front materials” are wood and wood-based panels. The variety of wood species – their uniqueness, colour variety and warm charm make them still one of the most common choices. They perfectly fit into traditional and stylized kitchens, both in their natural form – covered with varnish or oil, as well as hidden under the covering paint. The disadvantage of wood is its price, lack of resistance to water and the possibility of changing color under the influence of UV rays.

An alternative is wood-based boards – laminated and MDF. This is an economic choice, guaranteeing uniformity of colours, lack of knots and cracks. A wide range of available decors and colours – including those inspired by metals or stones, as well as the possibility of milling, varnishing and MDF acrylic coating make it the most popular and most common option. Furniture made of board can be inscribed in almost every arrangement – from modern and even industrial (plates imitating steel or concrete) to classic (with wood drawing).

However, the versatility of wood and boards does not mean that they are the only option. On the contrary. Currently, there are many other materials available on the market, which work even better in the kitchen than wood.

Glass and aluminium frames are a good example. They are resistant to water and temperature differences, and at the same time they guarantee easy cleaning. They are especially suitable for the fronts of top cabinets. Glass – transparent, milk or decorative, surrounded by aluminum frames will allow you to perfectly expose tableware or decorative porcelain. At the same time, it looks very stylish in itself. It can also be a compromise between the presence and the absence of top cover. Top cabinets with glazed fronts are much lighter and more subtle than those with full fronts.

Glass and aluminium frames are perfect for arrangements created on the basis of lofts or minimalist kitchens. They will create a successful duet with virtually any material – stone tops, wood or other metal. They will fit into cosy as well as modern and dynamic arrangements. Everything depends on the type of profile we choose.

We offer aluminium profiles in various shapes and sizes, as well as in several colours. White frames fit glamorous kitchens, grey frames fit industrial spaces and black frames fit chic and elegant ones. A wide selection of glasses – both for fronts and for securing the top space – allows you to create an original and original arrangement.

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