Supplements with magical effects

Supplements with magical effects

Appropriate supplementation is a very important part of an athlete’s diet. However, in order to improve the effects of their work, some athletes decide to take steroids or doping agents, which are usually prohibited at organized events. What if there was a non-steroid, better way to improve the effects?

SARM, or selective androgen receptor modulators, are referred to as the new generation of doping. They are non-steroidal supplements for athletes, which help build muscle mass. They give great results. Apparently, they also have virtually no side effects. However, this is not certain, because, as these are newly introduced measures, they are not very well researched, which calls into question the assurances about their miraculous effect.


One of the most popular SARMs is ostarin, or else MK-2866. It is characterized by effective support of fat burning and muscle building. It is the best tested of SARMs, but the results have not shown that the use of ostarin causes more serious side effects. When used moderately, it does not cause testosterone suppression, increases the efficiency of the body, and improves the health of bones and joints.

Side effects of SARMs include insomnia, headaches, mood disorders, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, reduced natural testosterone production. The most common are sleep and mood disorders, as well as lowering testosterone levels.

However, SARMs are different from steroid agents. Steroids affect the whole body at the same time, and SARMs only affect skeletal muscles. Steroids cause hair loss, cancer and severe acne, SARMs do not cause any of these side effects. However, it is not known whether they will have a more negative effect on the body in the long term than it has been known so far.

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