Furniture guides – the key to comfort and durability

Furniture guides – the key to comfort and durability

Drawers are an extremely useful way of tidying up, allowing for a very functional use of space in our homes. In order to be properly durable and allow for comfort of use, they must be made of materials of appropriate quality. Furniture slides are an important element of drawers. Thanks to them it is possible to open and close drawers comfortably and lightly, without squeaks or clashes. In order to be able to use our furniture for many years, the choice of slides must be properly thought out and adjusted to our needs. A visit to a furniture shop is worthwhile to answer a few questions first.

What kind of furniture slides do we need?

There are two basic types on the market which differ in price and quality. The first and most popular are roller guides. Their principle of operation is very simple. It consists in moving the rolls on metal rails. They are characterised by low purchase cost and easy assembly. The biggest disadvantages include lower strength, lower degree of extension (we will talk about the extension further) and less smooth operation. Drawer runners of this type will prove useful in furniture subject to low loads, such as office furniture. If you expect higher quality, look for ball bearing slides. They are slightly more complicated and therefore more expensive. They are more complicated and therefore more expensive, thanks to a higher working culture, a higher pull-out rate and higher durability. When looking for slides for kitchen furniture, let’s choose ball bearing slides.

Load capacity

This is a very important parameter. Always choose the strength of the runners according to how loaded our drawer will be. Too delicate runners will not work smoothly, and in the worst cases they may be bent or even broken. Sometimes this results in damage to the whole furniture and its contents.

Degree of furniture slides’ advancement

If our drawers are small, we can choose slides with a small pull-out. In the case of a deep drawer, a full extension runner is required to reach every corner of the drawer comfortably. However, it should be remembered that the larger the extension, the greater the susceptibility to damage, especially under heavy load.

Drawer Slides

Furniture slides are the most important element of drawers, which determines their durability and comfort of use. Therefore, it is worth investing in higher quality products, because repairs of damaged runners are quite problematic and as a result they force us to buy more expensive and more durable ones anyway. So we should not overspend on them.

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