Front element of each cabinet

Front element of each cabinet

We are talking here about nothing less than furniture handles, which are an indispensable element of every kitchen, but also of other rooms in the home. The first thing anyone opening a cupboard looks at is the handle. It is important that it is not only functional and comfortable, but also looks good. It has an undeniable influence on the aesthetic feeling of the room it is placed in. In a way, we greet this element every time we want to take something out from the depths of drawers, cupboards or cabinets – before choosing the right one, we should consider how this greeting should look. It can reflect the atmosphere of the room or the soul of the host.

Handle or knob?

It is not possible to answer this question unequivocally. As they say, one rabbi will say yes, another will say no – it is strictly up to the recipient. However, it definitely depends on the nature of the furniture in question – what shape and design it has will be the basis for the right decision. Often, when there are small children at home, knobs are chosen, less often curved rails. This is primarily for safety reasons. Ultimately, any decision will be suitable, as long as the price/quality ratio is adequate. It all depends on subjective taste.


At first glance, a classic element, not fancy, simple can also be improved. The introduction of the push-to-open system has brought a breath of fresh air. A flick of the wrist, elbow or even the foot and the cabinet can open by itself. Ideal for people who are always busy. Convenience above all!

Perfection of art

The look of a handle can add a lot to the atmosphere of a room in which it is placed. If you want to achieve a modern style in a room, it is worth focusing on shiny or matt aluminium handles. Nickel-plated or stainless steel handles also play a part in this concept. If you want a more old-fashioned effect, you can use brass knobs and elements, which have not lost their value despite being used mainly years ago. The classic knobs can be an intermediate balance between vintage and modern.

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