Effective alternative to steroids

Effective alternative to steroids

What is SARMs? In recent years, this question is increasingly being asked not only by scientists and athletes, but also by exercise lovers attending the gym. The growing popularity of these substances is related to the fact that they offer a tempting alternative to the previously known steroid agents. Not only are SARMs legal, but they can be taken orally, which eliminates the need for injections, but their greatest advantage is a significantly limited list of side effects compared to SAA steroids.

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SARMs are substances that affect the growth of lean muscle tissue (especially skeletal muscles), help to eliminate excess fat mass and quickly and effectively improve exercise performance. Unlike anabolic-androgenic steroids, these substances do not affect hormonal imbalance through conversion to estrogen, which results in e.g. decrease in libido, difficulty in concentration, androgenic alopecia or rapid mood changes. Moreover, SARMs do not contain methylated substances, so they do not burden the liver, kidneys and digestive system as SAA steroids do. It should be noted that SARMs also have some health-promoting properties and do not only affect the growth of muscle tissue. These substances can also have a positive effect in case of acne or prostate hypertrophy.


It should be mentioned that SARMs are not allowed by the World Anti-Doping Agency and cannot be used by professional athletes, however, for all lovers of sport and exercise, these agents may prove to be a valuable support for the training regime. The dosage of SARMs varies from product to product, so you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions and make purchases at authorized and verified points of sale in order to avoid the purchase of counterfeit products that may have undesired side effects.

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