Durability above all

Durability above all

Every drawer stores more or less valuable items. But everyone wants them to be safe and secure, regardless of their value. Drawers are components that run on runners, which ensure that the drawer moves in two directions. When we think of drawers, we usually imagine wooden drawers, but progress is moving forward and new materials are being used on the market in various compositions that have not been used before. The latest metalbox drawers are an example.

What are metalbox drawers? Characteristics of the product

Metalbox drawers are characterised by the fact that metal is the prevailing material in their construction. It forms a housing of the drawer being at the same time the slide of the drawer ensuring its movement. Metalboxes are characterised primarily by high resistance to damage and durability being a certain choice for years. This is due to the presence of metal, which is a much more resistant material than wood. Thanks to metal, objects inside a drawer “can sleep peacefully” as they are extremely well protected. Another advantage of metal boxes is their relatively good price – they are not much more expensive than roller slides alone. Additionally they provide more space for keeping things! They save space by combining the housing with the slide and space in often cramped rooms is at a premium. However, like every product – it has some drawbacks. These include noisy drawers, which anyone in the room will hear as they open and close. This is due to the above metal. In addition, functional limitations may be an additional disadvantage of this furniture product – there is no silent closing here, so not only will the noise be generated while using the drawer, but also you need to be careful with the force of its closing in order not to increase the unpleasant sound. Metalbox drawers are a combination of a roller runner in one, so installation is not too difficult, just like roller runners themselves. Just read the instructions and you will be able to install them.


Metalbox drawers are drawers created for people appreciating usable space and resistance to damage. If somebody does not mind too much noise which may be generated while using this drawer, they may definitely decide for a metalbox drawer.

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