Drawer runners – the rails for every drawer

Drawer runners – the rails for every drawer

Furniture runners look like rails on which a drawer will move in and out of a furniture cabinet. In this way you can freely pull out and put in certain items. However, a furniture slide is not the same as a cabinet slide – there are differences in the models that make up the design and function. One type of slide that has become very popular and popular with many consumers is the ball-bearing slide.

The ball-bearing slide – durability above all else

The ball-bearing slide is a real durability hit among other models. It has a very high load capacity of around 50kg. This means that inside a drawer there can be up to 50kg of load without fear of destroying the furniture slide. As a result, such models are used in all kinds of warehouses to hold various heavy accessories, or in companies holding large quantities of heavy materials. They are constructed from metal materials – no plastics are used here. As a result, workplaces with high temperatures are not a threat to them – they will not bend under the influence of excessive heat and thus cause problems.
On the furniture market there are also roller slides – another model of slide that is not as durable as a ball slide. It is used in the home where drawers don’t always hold substantial weights of items. They are much easier to fit than ball bearing slides and you can do it yourself. For the latter it is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional.

Ball-bearing slide functionality

As well as being strong and durable, ball bearing slides also incorporate a number of technological advances to make drawers easy and fun to use. Push to open, for example, is one such mechanism that makes it possible to use drawers without handles and grips. Just a push on the drawer surface is enough to set the runner in motion and the drawer opens on its own. Another interesting mechanism is the soft-close, which is extremely appreciated when using drawers at different times of the day or night. Even a slight push too hard on an ordinary drawer can cause an unpleasant banging sound against the back of the furniture. The silent closure will slow down before the end of the drawer’s travel and brake it, keeping you calm and quiet.


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