Drawer runners H53 – what kind of furniture do you use them in?

Drawer runners H53 – what kind of furniture do you use them in?

Drawer runners H53 are the widest and most robust furniture runners available today. Such slides give a lot of possibilities in terms of places where they can be used. It is also worth getting acquainted with the basic rules concerning their installation.

H53 drawer runners – what kind of furniture are they used in?

H53 slides are quite heavy parts, but they are very durable. Thanks to them even the heaviest drawers can be moved freely, such as very large wooden chest of drawers. Such runners can also be used in smaller furniture. They are also strong enough to serve as a support for a large bedding drawer, which some beds are equipped with. It is worth remembering, however, that the durability of the slides depends on other factors as well. This is, for example, the material from which they are made. Steel slides are the most durable, so the heaviest drawers should be the ones to choose. The movement of such slides should be facilitated by metal bearing balls. The slides made of aluminium and those equipped with plastic rollers are much better suited for lighter furniture.

How to mount the slides – step by step

The guides should always be installed in the correct way. Otherwise it may happen that the drawers will not work properly. For example, they may get a little blocked or not close. It is very important that the slides are mounted evenly and in the right places. A bit of technical knowledge and skills are needed here. Both slides should be screwed on in the same place. It is also important to choose the right length. They must not be too short and preferably the same as the drawer. If the runners are too short, the drawer will also not work well. It is worth choosing runners that allow for easy removal of the drawers, which makes cleaning much easier.

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