Drawer runners as important as furniture aesthetics

Drawer runners as important as furniture aesthetics

When we start to purchase furniture, the first thing we pay attention to is that it fits into the arrangement of the room we or someone from outside. Of course, it is difficult to criticize such an approach if we consider that nowadays furniture has an important aesthetic role to play. It is impossible to hide the fact that they are the important filling in the space of a given room and are crucial for how a given room looks like. Such an approach to the matter, even though it is in principle correct, may however carry some risk.

The biggest risk seems to be primarily the fact that if we focus too much on aesthetics during the selection, then we can very easily miss something equally important, namely the quality of workmanship. When we talk to our parents or grandparents, we often hear from them for certain opinions that today’s furniture is not what it used to be. Of course, this is often a rather subjective assessment, but we must honestly admit that in fact, today’s furniture is slightly different from the one from several years ago. Although they are made differently, it is mainly related to the current fashion in the broadly understood design. However, regardless of everything, when making a choice in a shop, let’s pay urgent attention to as many details as possible.

Drawer runners, in particular, should be particularly vigilant. Remember that this element, although invisible at first sight, has a very important function to perform. Not only is it responsible for the quality of the drawer insertion and extension process, but it also has a huge impact on its stability. So let’s always check carefully whether the furniture has ball bearing slides or, for example, roller slides. It is difficult to point out a clear favorite here because a lot depends on how the furniture is used, but we can safely say that it is worthwhile to stick to the principle of solidity. If we have any doubts about the quality of workmanship, let’s hold off with the purchase until they are clear. We can also be helped by a shop assistant or other expert in the field of the woodwork. Often it is such people who have the greatest knowledge about what solutions will be best for us.

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