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Smoke and gas detector

Smoke and gas detector As the fire department statistics show, the majority of fire victims do not die from fire, but from poisoning from the toxins that are released during combustion. Some of these tragic events could have been avoided if the building had been equipped with sensors to warn of the danger. What detectors […]

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The most common complications after a tattoo procedure how to protect yourself from them

The most common complications after tattooing – how to protect yourself from them? Salon and pattern chosen, date agreed – there is so little left for the dream tattoo. At such a moment we do not think that something can go wrong. Sensitization reactions, inflammation, scarring, bacterial and viral infections – these are possible complications […]

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What to feed a fourlegged dog

What do I feed the four-legged man? A good feeding method ensures that the animal remains in good condition and retains its vitality for longer. There are many different ways to feed your dog and there are dozens of different foods available. What to choose? What shouldn’t you give your dog? While so much is […]

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