A well-chosen drawer for every room

A well-chosen drawer for every room

Drawers are characterised by the fact that they are the main element that can be found in every room. Regardless of its purpose, drawers can be found in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom or bedroom. They mainly store smaller items that you want to protect or find a place for them to wait ready for use. However, the drawer itself will only work if accompanied by its assistant, the furniture slide. This is what drives the whole drawer into motion so that items can be put in and taken out. You can find various interesting types of furniture slides on the market to suit your personal needs.

The bottom-mounted slide – invisible and functional…

A bottom-mounted slide has all the same requirements as a classic slide – that is, it performs the same functions just as well. But it has a big difference in where it sits on the drawer body. Classical runners are located on the sides of the drawer while this slide is located on the underside. Thanks to this application it remains invisible to other users. This can make a big difference in a carefully designed room where every little detail counts. In this case a bottom-mounted slide will be ideal – it is unobtrusive and you have to bend down under the drawer surface to see it. This way the harmony of the room will be preserved in its full glory. The side of the drawer will blend in with its surroundings and will not be altered by the presence of the runner.
However, the presence of a bottom mounting is not the only interesting element that can be found in Furnica’s furniture slides. Another example is the push to open mechanism. This is a very interesting solution that dramatically changes the functioning of drawers. You can literally forget about the existence of handles! This is because all you need to do to open the drawer is to press on the drawer surface, and the slide will do the rest completely by itself. It opens itself towards the person in question and reveals its interior. This is very convenient as it can even be opened hands-free!


A bottom mounted furniture slide from Furnica is the best solution for rooms that are uniform in colour and material. The elements have to match every inch of the room and a classic runner would ruin the effect. If you are designing a room like this it is worth considering a bottom mount runner.

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