A furniture slide – the indispensable accessory for every drawer

A furniture slide – the indispensable accessory for every drawer

Drawer runners not only support the entire drawer structure with its interior. They also allow for convenient pulling out of a drawer from a given piece of furniture, making access to the items inside it trivial. As the years go by and new solutions appear on the market with various functions allowing expanded use of drawers.

Basic additional functions

Push to open – all it takes is a light press on its front surface for the drawer to magically open towards you. The ideal solution for kitchen furniture, when there is often no way to open the drawer, in this case you can use practically any part of your body. In addition, there is no damage to the surface of the furniture – with this method the handles are useless!

– Self-closing – many times, closing a cabinet with too much force has resulted in an unpleasant, loud noise that annoys everyone around. With the self-closing function this will never happen again! After a slight push with your wrist, a special mechanism catches the drawer and pulls it gracefully to the end of the cabinet.

– Silent closure – perfectly harmonises with the self-closing mechanism, a very modern solution

– Part-extension – used in the case of drawers with a large number of heavy items – after pulling out the drawer its back space remains in the body protecting it against structural collapse and damage

– Full extension – mostly used in narrow and deep drawers where reaching for items at the very back of the base is problematic. With full extension, there is no more gymnastics!

Deciding before you buy

By applying the advice in this article, everyone can choose slides that will make daily use of smooth, easy running drawers a pleasure. Slides also vary in length +- from 25-70cm. Please note that matching the load capacity of the drawer runner to the weight of the drawer filling itself will be key – pay attention to this! Only then do you select the additional features described above. There is nothing left to do but pack your bags and head off to the nearest furniture shops.

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