Month: September 2021

Toys tailored to older children

Older children can be very picky. They have already formed their own opinions and often it is very difficult to convince them to do something. It is the same with toys – if a given toy doesn’t appeal to a given child at once, then surely he won’t play with it in the future. That […]

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Les coulisses de meubles – l’entraînement intérieur de chaque tiroir

La plupart des ménages possèdent un grand nombre de tiroirs et de coulissants avec toutes sortes de choses à l’intérieur. Des piles de papiers de valeur, des cahiers, des classeurs ou de petits objets de valeur. Dans la cuisine, en revanche, les tiroirs sont chargés de vaisselle fragile – assiettes, bols, casseroles. Grâce aux tiroirs, […]

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Durability above all

Every drawer stores more or less valuable items. But everyone wants them to be safe and secure, regardless of their value. Drawers are components that run on runners, which ensure that the drawer moves in two directions. When we think of drawers, we usually imagine wooden drawers, but progress is moving forward and new materials […]

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