Month: July 2018

Is this a good time to buy an apartment

Developers return the investment after the investment. If the weather permits, flats are built all year round. It is true that a lot of interest in apartments can be observed just after the new year and in spring. New Year is a time when many people make New Year’s resolutions, implement new plans, more willingly […]

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Modern technological solutions in customer service

Along with the dynamic development of industry and business, the way of customer service also changes. In industries where a good customer/service provider relationship is the basis for successful cooperation, great emphasis is placed on specialised staff. It focuses on the development and rich competence of employees. However, as shown by numerous experiences of modern […]

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Summer car care

Beautiful, glossy lacquer, well-kept upholstery, glossy glass… A car is for many people not only a tool for work or transport, but also an eye in the head. That’s why they want to take care of it as best as possible, so that it looks like it was a moment after its wheels first touched […]

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